Deanonymization of tor, vpn, proxy users



Kisame Hoshigaki
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Cross-device tracking is an attack method that represents the ability to track the user in parallel through several devices. This technology has proved to be effective in deanonymizing cybercriminals using Tor, VPN and proxy. In today's article you will learn how this method works.

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The site opened - the hacker burned down

Imagine yourself as a hacker wanted by the FBI. You go to a trap site prepared specifically for your capture. At first glance, this is an absolutely harmless site, it will not make any attacks, it may even be a page of a popular site, the owner of which together with the FBI will prepare it for you.

You took care of your safety in advance, use Whonix OS, do not open suspicious links, and suddenly hear a strange sound, but nothing suspicious and dangerous happens. This sound is also heard by your phone on which the voice assistant is installed, the developer of which cooperates with the FBI. Signal receipt data will be immediately transmitted by the device to the servers along with the coordinates and IP address. Yes, you have Whonix on your computer, but it is unlikely that your phone is also protected just as reliably. You did everything right, just didn't take everything into account.
If you are Edward Snowden and you are actively wanted by the FBI, you should give up your smartphone and use a simple button phone, or a special security-oriented phone with very limited functionality and a list of installed applications. The same applies to the tablet.

Why is this attack so effective?

Usually deanonymization involves obtaining a genuine IP address, but in the case of cross-device tracking, the phone can send all the information, including: phone number, coordinates, contacts in the address book, Google/Apple account, call/SMS history and a list of Wi-Fi used - this is more than enough to identify.

Does the deanonymization method work with sound beacons?

Here you can see the demonstration of deanonymization of the Tor user using cross-device tracking yourself, in which case sounds that are not audible to the human ear are used.
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