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Kisame Hoshigaki
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Build your first LLVM Obfuscator 86
Extending LLVM for Code Obfuscation 1 11
Extending LLVM for Code Obfuscation 2 6
Using LLVM to Obfuscate Your Code During Compilation 10
Turning Regular Code Into Atrocities With LLVM 8
Simple Packer in C 42
Writing a PE packer series 22
Using UPX as a security packer 8
How to Write Your Own Packer 20
Anatomy of a simple and popular packer 9
Funtastic Packers And Where To Find Them 9
[LINUX]Making our own executable packer 12


Anti-Disassembly techniques used by malware (a primer) 1 29
Anti-Disassembly techniques used by malware (a primer) 2 4
Anti-Disassembly Techniques and Mitigation 4
Assembly “wrapping”: a technique for anti-disassembly 3
The Return of Disassembly Desynchronization 2


Anti-Debug Tricks Wiki 17
[WIN]The Ultimate Anti Debugging Reference 4
[WIN]Anti-Debugging Techniques and Mitigation 2
[WIN]Anti Debugging Protection Techniques with Examples
Windows Anti-Debug Reference 2
Beginner’s Guide to Basic Linux Anti Anti Debugging Technique 3
Anti-Debug Techniques on Linux 7
Advanced Techniques For Anti-Debugging 2
[WIN]Process on a diet: anti-debug using job objects
[WIN]New year, new anti-debug: Don’t Thread On Me

VM/Sandbox Detection

[WIN]Playing with GuLoader Anti-VM techniques 8
Malware Anti-VM Techniques 24
Malware Evasion Techniques 2 7
Malware Evasion Techniques 3 6
[WIN]Evolution of Malware Sandbox Evasion Tactics – A Retrospective Study 2
How does malware know the difference between the virtual world and the real world? 5
[LINUX]Easy Ways to Determine Virtualization Technology 8
How anti-cheats detect system emulation 7


[WIN]Analysis, Anti-Analysis, Anti-Anti-Analysis: An Overview of the Evasive Malware Scenario 2
Five Anti-Analysis Tricks That Sometimes Fool Analysts 2
Obfuscation Techniques 6
Mac OS X Binary Protection 1
[WIN] Anti Reverse Engineering 1
Evasion Techniques Wiki 4
[WIN]Malware Evasion 1 1
Evasive Techniques: An Introduction 4
[WIN]Anti–Reverse Engineering Techniques Employed by Malware 1
Hiding Process Memory Via Anti-Forensic Techniques
Hiding Call To Ptrace 1
[WIN]Anti-Reverse Engineering Guide 3
[LINUX]Programming Linux Anti-Reversing Techniques 4
Malicious cryptography techniques for unreversable (malicious or not) binaries 4
Malware Armoring: The case against incident related binary analysis 1
Hiding execution of unsigned code in system threads 1
Lets Create An EDR… And Bypass It! Part 1 2
Lets Create An EDR… And Bypass It! Part 2 2
AV Bypass 4
Defending Your Malware 4
Exploring a New Detection Evasion Technique on Linux 3
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